• Why use the LED lamp in the mining site is a best solution?

    The mining site is a place where the ore is extracted from the ground. With the help of led lamp, you can see what kind of ore there is in it and how much volume it has. You can also know about its quality by checking its color. It will be helpful for you to use this kind of lamps in your mining ...
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  • Mobile light tower advantages

    Mobile LED light tower is a type of lighting equipment, which can be used in various places. It consists of a movable base and the head, which has an adjustable height. The mobile LED light tower is usually used to support lights on poles or buildings. The mobile LED light tower is widely used in...
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  • Mining firm buys four battery-powered locomotives

    PITTSBURGH (AP) — One of the largest locomotive makers is selling more new battery-powered locomotives as railroad and mining companies work to reduce carbon emissions. Rio Tinto has agreed to buy four new FLXdrive locomotives for its iron ore mining operations in Australia, Wabtec said on Monday...
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  • Foreign media: Bulk carriers wait at sea as Indonesia prepares to lift coal export ban

    Indonesia appears poised to lift its ban on coal exports, just a week after it announced it would suspend all coal exports for a month, sending shockwaves through global markets, according to foreign media reports, Barba has learned. Indonesia, the world’s largest thermal coal exporter, is ...
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  • Autonomous exploration: the potential of drones in mining

    Drone technology has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technologies in the mining industry, especially if prices are falling. Of all the buzzwords in the mining industry, “drone” and “automation” are the most popular, and for good reason.The latter is of broad...
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  • How to know which one is right for you

    Battery or plug-in lighting towers: there are many sustainable lighting tower variations entering the market, and these options are becoming sort-after by many companies due to their environmental benefits. However, how do you know which one is right for you and your company? In this article, we’...
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  • Hybrid technology is becoming the way forward in many industries.

    Hybrid technology is becoming the way forward in many industries.

    You have hybrid cars on the roads, and hybrid diggers on construction sites, lighting towers and generators. But why should you invest in hybrid technology? What do they offer you? These are a couple of the questions that we have been asked when people enquire. We have two simple reasons: you’re...
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  • what is the light tower

    what is the light tower

    A tower light is a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast. Almost always, the lights are attached to the mast, which is attached to a trailer, with a generator set to power the lamps. Light towers are most commonly used for lighting on constructio...
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  • Propane provides cost-saving, zero-emission workplace lighting

    Propane-powered lighthouses have many benefits, including convenience, reduced emissions and cost savings. The pillars of almost any construction site are products that keep the area illuminated. The lighthouse is a simple must-have tool for any project that requires the crew to work before dawn ...
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  • Global Market Insights, Inc. said that by 2026, the value of the mobile lighthouse market will reach $2 billion.

    According to the latest research report of Global Market Insights, Inc., by 2026, the global mobile lighthouse market will exceed US$2 billion. Growing investment in the construction industry and the need to operate these sites regardless of time and weather will drive the development of this pro...
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  • How to choose a safety light tower.

    How to choose a safety light tower.

    Do we need to focus on safe level on light tower? Of Couse! While a light tower is used to create a safe environment for workers and the public, it is also a piece of equipment with safety risks of its own. What security concerns do we need to focus on? 1.Wind test certification It can topple o...
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  • IOS Certificate RPLT-3700 Hybrid Customizable Bunded Metro Spec Hydraulic Cube Skid Rental Lighting Tower for Mine Site & Construction & Outdoor Event

      RPLT-3700 main spec RPLT-3700 Hhybrid Light Tower can be powered by both generator set and batteries. The generator set running when batteries require charging, and after batteries full charged, generator turn off automatically, the batteries provide the power for LED lamps. Extra-large c...
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