RD-720 720W 97200lm IP67 High Quality Aluminum LED Panel with 3 Years Warranty

Short Description:

• Supply voltage: 90-265V AC,50/60Hz

• LED Power: 720W

• Luminous Flux: 97200lm

• Beam Angle: 45-130 degree

• Color Temperature: 2100-5700K

• CRI: >70

• Working Temperature: -20~55

• IP Rating: IP67

• Lifespan: >20,000hrs

• Fixture Size(L*W*H): 500*500*250(mm)

• Net Weight: 25kg

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Robust Power produce LED lamps with different range, there are 100W,120W,160W,200W, 240W,320W,480W and 720W. The 720W module has great performance on heat dissipation, and it is often used on construction and mining industry. It is compatible and powerful that provides good lighting efficiency, high concentration, great sustainability.

The RD720-AC is made of aluminum alloy and it is pressure casting by mold, Outdoor powder spraying finish. We offer abundant of customizable solutions. The luminous flux of RD720-AC can reach 97200lm and give a beam angle from 45 to 130 degrees, which can provide not only clear but also bright illumination on either construction site or mining site. The customizable color temperature is offered from 2100K to 5700K range, allows it to be adapted in any kind of laboring requirements. Lighting efficiency 110lm/w & 145lm/w optional. AC or 48V DC for optional, both for general and safety solutions. Wide range of working temperature, which from -20 to 55 meant environmental extreme laboring is possible. Expected life more the 50,000 hours and 3 years warranty, make post-sale reliable and easy. Saves up to 75% on fuel and CO2 emissions compared to traditional lighting towers.

In order to make the RD720-AC long-term use available, it is made of high-quality aluminum alloy to prevent deformation. A high-voltage electrostatic spraying treatment on the exterior of the lamp. The explosion-proof structure makes no accidence. Tempered glass to make the lamp cover of the lamp, plus the die-casting process to make the finished product performance more stable. It is very convenient to use and has a high safety factor.









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