Automatic Polishing / Grinding machine for log\rough timber\crude wood

Short Description:

 Much more flexible to fit any type of logs
 Could polish and tracing logs automatic and following with logs’ any arc.
 Could polish and adjustment automatic to fit logs’ any shape.
 Could polish logs by up and down side, move back and forth automatic, and doing the action in repeat, ensure not miss any place to polish.
 With two options for performing operation: 360 degree free to set an angle to polish or set up a fix degree to polish
 Customized function available, such as round wood bark trimming
 High efficiency, saving time, labour, and materials
 High financial value, machine’s investment amount payback only few months.

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Key Features:
Robust Power® has provided all kinds of wood polish machine for sale to suit your any special demands and needs.
Functions covering wood polishing, and wood bark trimming, Robust Power has a polisher related solution to fit any kinds of your needs. Also offer customized machines service, could performing specific design for the variety working conditions, every parts was built to enhance efficiency, convivence, and reliable.
Wood polish machine save money continually, no matter consider from short term or long term period. Robust Power wood polish machines deliver high manufacture efficiency compare with hand made wood polish, while all program only need one man to operate and complete. By this way, will great save labour cost, significantly increase the production efficiency, and saving more money in your back pocket.

Technical Specifications  
Acceptable log dimension
Max diameter of log 400mm
Max length of log 8000mm
Max trimming length of log 6500mm
Max arc of log 300mm
Motor of Wood Polish Machine
Motor Rate Power 7.5 KW
Voltage AV380-415V
Current 20A
working 11500mm ×1500mm ×2300mm (Around)


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